Preschool Director – Maegan Misenheimer


We have Sunday School available for Babies, Ones, Two’s and Three’s. They are separated into those categories and have 2 adults in each room. We have extra help available for the Baby Nursery when needed. The teachers for the One’s as well as the Two’s and Three’s do attempt to have some structure and story time. Rooms are kid friendly and stocked with needed items ranging from diapers to age appropriate toys. We do have a paging system and vibrating pagers available to ease parents minds if they are uncomfortable dropping their children off. If the child gets upset or the workers have concerns, they can page the parent or guardian. By using the vibrating pager system, there is less distraction if they are paged.

These same age classes are available during worship service on Sunday morning. The same rooms are used. When we have visitors, we do encourage them to take a pager so they feel more comfortable. There is no structured time during the worship service. The children are allowed to play and snacks and juice are available if needed. We also have a preschool playground available with rubber mulch when weather permits them to go outside. This area is fenced and they are never left unattended. There are 2-3 workers in each room during the service.

We do have nursery available on Sunday and Wednesday evening as well. Because the attendance is much lower at these times, the ages are combined into one room or two.