This church is an autonomous body, congregational in nature, where each active member has an equal voice. Decisions will be made by the church body, as led by the Holy Spirit, according to the guidelines, principles and commands of the Holy Bible. This church shall follow the guidelines of its Constitution and Bylaws and shall follow parliamentary procedures as set forth in the most recent revision of Roberts Rules of Order in all business sessions.


This church is subject to the control of no other ecclesiastical body. It does recognize there is mutual helpfulness in the association of churches of like faith and practice in order to encourage the spirit of fellowship, good will and the support of mission endeavors. This church will voluntarily cooperate and support organizations of its choice which have as their primary purpose the promotion and support of missions and Christian education. Currently we are affiliated with the Yadkin Baptist Association, the North Carolina Baptist State Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. We will maintain affiliations so long as these bodies promote and operate themselves by the Biblical distinctives embraced by this church. We may add, change or terminate an affiliation with any organization as deemed necessary by a vote of not less than two-thirds of the active members present.